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Wei Yuan

Wei Yuan’s original career was as an electrical engineer where, with subsequent graduate studies in operations research, he first worked for the Chinese Ministry of Electronics in Beijing. From there and with limited English, he bravely elected to attend business school in North America, ultimately graduating with an MBA (and a far better grasp of English) from the Ivy School of Business at Western University in Canada.  

His business career started as a country sales manager but, over the years, expanded steadily to encompass the whole gamut of strategy, business development, marketing and sales, professional services and general management. After senior positions in a number of US-based wireless startups, he was head hunted to lead Nokia Networks customer and market operations for North Asia, then for Greater China and, post the Nokia and Siemens merger of their network divisions, went on to run the two companies’ merged professional services divisions covering Greater China.  

His final big-company fling was with Blackberry where he was VP of strategic sales. In a fit of inexplicable philanthropy, he then moved into the non-profit sector, running the Energy Foundation China Program, a program devoted to promote policies and practices that deal with issues of climate change, air quality and clean energy. In 2015, he returned to the money-grasping private sector by joining with Doug Sinclair in Pacific Arc Investments.

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